Race tracks

Route description

Along the popular hiking trails of the Nagyerdő in Debrecen, a varied, hard-trodden, well-kept forest racetrack has been designated. There are variable parts of the racetracks such as one with few pebbles, another one with deep sand or some gravel sections.

The track will not be closed to pedestrians, runners, forest cyclists.

Where the racetrack is crossed by road the passage will be secured by police or civil guards / volunteers.

The routes are striped all the way and have road signs. At each distance, a different colored ribbon indicates the way. (5 km: blue, 10 km: red, 20 km: white)

The 5, 10 and 20 km tracks have common sections, and around the junctions volunteers help you find your way. The 20 km track has repetitive sections.

5 KM

Elevation gain: 10 m
Time limit: 1,5 hours

10 KM

Elevation gain: 69 m
Time limit: 3 hours

20 KM

Elevation gain: 40 m
Time limit: 4,5 hours

Refreshment station: Two refreshment stations are available on all of race track, where the Nordic Walkers can take water and glucose tablets (the 20 km track touches these refresh points twice). Water, fruit and glucose tablets are also available on arrival.

Junctions: At the junctions volunteers will help you find your way.