Race information

Conditions of starting in the race:

  1. The participant must have a Nordic Walking pole. The Nordic Walking pole is a stick that is attached to your hand with a strap system between your thumb and forefinger (not a hiking stick!).
  2. Practical knowledge of the Nordic Walking (NW) technique: during Nordic Walking we move forward with the technique of alternating movement of the hands and feet (mainly using the diagonal technique, but the other two step techniques can also be used: 1-2 or 1-3) .

Most important basic rule:

The entire length of the race track must be traversed using special NW poles. When using the poles, the participant pushes himself forward while one of his legs is always on the ground. There can be no “flying” phase during the race (i.e., both feet cannot be in the air at the same time, e.g., running); except e.g. skipping larger mud, skipping a tree leaning on the path of the race.

We are dedicated representatives of Nordic walking, so we place great emphasis on applying the correct Nordic walking technique during the race. You can read more about it in the race regulations.

Please be sure to read the race regulations before registration!

Racer and pize categories:




Age categories for women

12-30 years (Statement of parental consent for racers under 18 years of age)

31-50 years 

51-60 years

61-65 years

66 years-

Age categories for men

12-30 years (Statement of parental consent for racers under 18 years of age)

31-60 years

61 years-


Participants from different distances start in separate races, at the start of the races the timing starts uniformly and on arrival they pass through the finish gate and end individually.

Digital time measurement with chip:

At the on-site registration, each racer will receive two digital chips, together with the race number, with which the time will be measured digitally. The racer will fix the race number individually with safety pins on his clothing. It is the racer’s responsibility to wear the race number, including the digital chips, horizontally on the chest during the race, in a clearly visible way! Racers must wear the race number during the race until they reach the finish line. Care must be taken not to wrinkle or damage the race number and to damage the chip on it.

The racer must hand in the chips and the race number within 1 hour of reaching the finish line, this is a condition for announcing the result.


Racers’ results will be evaluated separately by age category and gender for each race distance. A certificate and a medal will be issued to the top 3 racers in each category.